Privacy policy

SML-Technology (herein “we”) and all its employees acknowledge and understand that protection of the privacy information collected from our customers (the “Information”) is of utmost importance, and to that end we will undertake to adhere to and promote the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) as follows.

Personal Information Management
We will protect and retain the Information in its accurate and latest version and secure it against unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, disclosure and the like by implementing the proper measures to maintain a stringent security control and management system and thoroughly educate and train our employees to comply with the Policy in performing obligations with respect to the contractual business with the customer (the “Purpose”).
Use of Privacy Information
We will use the Information solely in our communications and notices to you pertaining to the Purpose and in response to your inquiries, through deliveries of electronic mails and/or documents.
Non-Disclosure to Third Party

We shall not share or disclose the Information to any third parties, except under the circumstances as follows.

  • With your consent
  • Disclose the information with those personnel who have the need to know solely for performing the obligations associated with the Purpose
  • In compliance with the applicable laws and legal requirements
Security measures for personal information
We take all possible measures to safeguard and retain the accuracy and safety of the Information.
Response to Your Inquiries
On receiving contacts from any of our customers concerning inquiries, or requests for changes or removals of Information, we will only reply accordingly after having confirmed on the contacting party’s identity.
Compliance with Applicable Laws
We will strictly adhere to the applicable privacy laws and make the necessary changes and improvements to the Policy from time to time in compliance with the governing legal requirements and standards in effect.
For Inquiries
Contact us for inquiries concerning our Privacy Policy at
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