Save on energy consumption

Save on energy consumption


CONTINEWM does not need to modify the equipment, does not require installation work, does not turn off the power supply, it can be easily done at any time, and there is no need for maintenance.

Advantage of CONTINEWM®

Low cost and easy to install

CONTINEWM does not require installation work, does not turn off the power supply, it can be easily done at any time, and there is no need for maintenance.

Maintenance free

As a result of many improvements, it became a light and flexible structure and improved performance.
No maintenance and running cost after installation.

Save on energy consumption

Installing CONTINEWM improves heat exchange efficiency and reduces the operation of the compressor.

Reduce the amount of energy consumption
and carbon footprint.

CONTINEWM can be easily attached to any type of air conditioner. Because it does not use the power of electricity at all and reduces the electricity bill (gas price) and the amount of carbon footprint.

Why can CONTINEWM® reduce Energy consumption of Air conditioner?

CONTINEWM eliminates electrostatic disturbance that prevents heat exchange of air conditioners and saves power consumption.
The two mechanisms as follows.

【Part 1】
The interior of the air conditioner and the plastic panel (insulator) are constantly generating static electricity due to friction with the air as the fan rotation. When the air conditioner is charged with electricity, the air flow is disturbed and entangled and not be the same air flow as designed, it also causes the heat exchange efficiency decreased. More specifically, as charged air passes through the fins and the panel, a repulsive force is generated and the air leaves the surface. Therefore, the heat conductivity decreases and the heat exchange efficiency deteriorates. CONTINEWM, which is constantly charged negatively, suppresses generation of ⊕ ‘s charge and turns it into air in the uncharged condition. As a result, the air conditioner is not affected by static electricity and it can delivers heat exchange efficiency as designed.

【Part 2】
Invisible dust which is charged in ⊕ in the air can not be removed with a filter, it easily passes through the filter and accumulates in the gaps between the heat exchange fins. This causes deterioration of heat exchange efficiency. However, when the air touches CONTINEWM which is charged to ⊖ ,the mass of ⊕ separate. It becomes air in the uncharged condition and dust do not easily adhere.

With these two functions, the air conditioner loses useless power consumption (energy conservation) and will be able to deliver its original performance.

Equipment used:Monroe Electronics Co.,Ltd (USA) Surface potential measuring instrument
Probe (sensor) :model1017

【Secondary effect】
In the air, “odor components” that are sometimes charged to ⊕ are also included. When these are complexly bonded, it becomes “source of bad smell.” When the odor-laden air passes through CONTINEWM, the mass of ⊕ separate, making it less prone to smell. The odorless air is distributed throughout the space, and a “cozy environment” is naturally created.

As long as the air conditioner is operating, “energy saving” and “cozy environment” will continue at the same continuously. The name of CONTINEWM comes from this unique feature.

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Installation method

Square type

Open the cover and place it on the filter.
Do not put it between the cover and the filter.

Rectangular type

Depending on the size of the indoor unit, cut it to 1/2 etc and place it on the filter, or put it in the empty space as shown.

Prefabricated refrigerator or freezer

If there is a gap between the cooler and the wall, install it to the air intake (heat exchanger side). When there is no gap or there is a risk of touching the defroster, install it to the blowing side (front of the fan).

Size can be adjusted in the place

CONTINEWM is made by polyethylene material, it can cut easily with scissors, according to the size of the indoor unit at that place.

Product Specification

■Patented  No.6486409
■Registration of designs No.1597440

■Size 49cm × 48cm × 2.5mm
■Weight 200g
■Color Dark brown
■Shape Honeycomb
(Max. width 16.97mm、Min. width 14.7mm)
■Material Specific Clay Mineral,
Low density polyethylene
■Manufactured Japan