CM Fiber Cassette

CM Fiber Cassette

CM Fiber Cassette

CM Fiber Cassette is a new environment improvement product which is easy to install and first-ever before.

Environmental improvement
of Cooling Tower

CM Fiber Cassette install in the circulating water to remove the rust, scale or slime attached to the cooling tower and piping. Therefore it keeps clean inside the cooling tower without redepositing.

Environmental improvement
of Grease Trap

Submerge the CM Fiber Cassette into the separation tank of the grease trap. It suppresses the occurrence of scum (putrefactive layer) and drastically reduces malodors.  

Advantage of CM Fiber (CMF) Cassette installation

Achieve high efficiency operation
and energy saving effect

Scale and slime attached to piping and heat exchanger inside the cooling tower are serious obstacles for heat exchange.
CMF Cassette reduces the operating load of fans and pressure of pumps after removing scale and slime.

Prevent scum and eliminate offensive odor

Installing the CMF Cassette in the separation tank dramatically reduces the gas generated by the grease trap, it prevents the occurrence of scum and greatly reduces offensive odors.

Avoid from chemical

CMF Cassette reduces the frequent use of chemical agent, achieves safe and efficient environmental improvement. Conventional maintenance methods using chemicals are considered to be difficult to respond to future environmental standards due to wastewater and other problems.
CMF Cassette is a non-chemical product.

Easy installation/
Maintenance reduction

CMF Cassette installs in cooling tower and grease trap, therefore construction work is unnecessary. Also, it dramatically reduces the manpower cost required for maintenance.

Cost reduction

CMF Cassette reduces Chemical agent costs, in addition it can significantly reduce cleaning costs and manpower costs in maintenance.

CM Fiber (CMF) Cassette installation example

CMF Cassette = CM Fiber Cassette

Installation example for cooling tower

CM Fiber Cassette installs inside of cooling tower after cleaning and
improvesthe water quality environment.

1) Dirty water in the cooling tower
before cleaning

2) Condition after cleaning

3) Install CMF Cassette

4) Clean water after installation one year

Weigh the amount of water at the bottom of the cooling tower(basin water)
For example, the amount of water is 300 liters, install CMF cassette 5pcs. (100g x 5).
The number of Cassette changes according to the contamination level of water quality

CM Fiber Cassette installed under the silencing mat in the cooling tower as a result of one year experiment without chemical agent, there was almost no emergence of algae, scale and slime.
Therefore CMF was able to keep water quality after cleaning a year ago.

Installation example for grease trap

CM Fiber Cassette installs the inside of the grease trap after cleaning and improves the water quality environment.

Weigh the amount of sewage in the second sink of grease trap.
For example, the amount of sewage in the second sink is 300 liters, install CMF cassette 5~7pcs. (100g x 5~7).
Note: The number of Cassette changes according to the contamination level of sewage condition.

Note: Grease trap
Grease trap is a type of blocker that prevents cooking oils and foods such as fat, waste rice, and waste vegetable from flowing directly into the sewer system.

After installing the CM Fiber Cassette in the second sink of the grease trap, the smell was resolved after one week. Comparing the second sink after 3 weeks, the occurrence of scum was drastically reduced.

Features of CM Fiber (CMF) Cassette

CM Fiber is fiberized by melting special clay mineral (CM) in Polypropylene (PP), and it has a character of hydrophilicity as distinct from PP feature.
“Patent pending”

CM Fiber (CMF) Cassette Field trial (An ongoing experiment)

Progress report at a university in Japan
(An ongoing experiment)


After installing CMF Cassette, the positive value of ORP (oxidation reduction potential) is decreasing in all of circulating water, mineral water (Evian) and groundwater.

Product specification

■Size 180~200×80~90×80~90mm
■Weight 100g
■Color White gray
■Material Polypropylene Natural special mineral


■Size 270 × 370 × 130mm
■Weight 2500g
■Color White
■Material Polypropylene